Continuing a Legacy (Handwritten note)


“I started working for your Mom when I came to Goshen. So happy to now be with Caring for Hoosiers and having such a caring staff to work with […] Thanks for all you do for us and our Clients!” —Charlie


On this Thoughtful Thursday, we’re reminded of the value and impact of family on our lives—a force that shapes us, inspires us, and sets us on extraordinary paths. In this heartfelt review, we trace back our roots deeply intertwined with family, beginning with our Founder’s mother, LaRayne, and her remarkable legacy of establishing the first in-home care agency in Goshen, Indiana. Celebrating the origin of our Caring For Hoosiers agency, we find a story rooted in family, compassion, and unwavering dedication. We honor LaRayne’s enduring influence, where family and compassion remain at the heart of everything we do, shaping and defining our commitment to serving our community with care and compassion. 

In the year 2000, LaRayne embarked on a remarkable new career path in Goshen. With a pioneering spirit, she recognized the need for compassionate in-home care for seniors and those in her community with disabilities. Despite decades of success in her first career, she fearlessly began Goshen’s very first in-home care agency: Compassionate Caregivers. 

Compassionate Caregivers stood out from the start by embracing a unique family-like approach. LaRayne firmly believed that Caregivers should be treated like family, and she put this belief into practice. Whenever they swung by the office, she engaged them in long, meaningful conversations, making them feel integrated into the close-knit community of the company. 

LaRayne’s commitment to prioritizing Clients’ wishes created a culture of care and respect. She made it her mission to ensure each Client felt heard and valued. By thoughtfully matching Caregivers with Clients based on individual needs, she fostered an atmosphere of authentic care. 

As the years passed, Compassionate Caregivers flourished, becoming an integral part of the community. The carefully chosen Caregivers formed an extended family, providing their Clients with genuine care and dedication. In a beautiful full-circle moment, these very same Caregivers were there to support and care for LaRayne during her time of need, demonstrating the profound connections they had forged. 

LaRayne’s legacy lives on through her son and our founder, AJ, who worked alongside her and shared her vision for in-home care. After her passing, AJ decided to honor her memory by bringing Compassionate Caregivers into the fold of our Family of Companies, now known as our Caring for Hoosiers location. Under his leadership, the agency continues to embody the value and commitment to delivering exceptional, family-like in-home care. 

Today, we celebrate the legacy of Compassionate Caregivers and the profound impact left  on countless lives. We’re grateful to now have Caring for Hoosiers as part of our family, and we remain committed to serving our Elkhart County community with compassion, and our signature Gold Standard of care they’ve come to depend on through generations.