“All of the Repairs [will be] Completed Tomorrow …”

“We have a Client whose home was not a safe living arrangement, it’s a trailer that was becoming compromised due to the weather. There was a leak in the roof, which had caused considerable water damage inside the home, and causing some mold or impossible black mildew in the restroom. There’s a vent that was missing and we just didn’t foresee that this Client would have survived the winter in the living conditions that he was in. So, it took a lot of advocating, but we reached out to the program managers for the DHS and I was grateful to hear back from one of them this morning that the Client is going to have ALL of the repairs completed tomorrow to include all of the inside damage that’s going to be fixed, all of the leaking in the roofs everywhere is going to be fixed, the bathroom vent, the mold or mildew in the bathroom is going to be taken care of, and now he’ll have a safe environment where both he can survive the winter and our Caregivers can continue to go in and provide care for him.”  

—Sarah (Office Staff)

Welcome to Meet & Greet Monday. Today, we showcase a lesser-known facet of in-home care: the crucial role that our dedicated team plays in Client advocacy. 

At each of our Family of Companies, we believe that exceptional in-home care goes beyond meeting physical needs. Our mission is to create a family-like environment for our Clients, providing personalized care that aligns with their unique preferences and aspirations. 

Client advocacy is a little-known aspect that our dedicated teams engage in on a regular basis. Our compassionate staff connects with Clients and their families, gaining valuable insights beyond medical records. The goal is to empower Clients to lead fulfilling lives while maintaining their independence, addressing emotional well-being and social connections through collaboration with care partners. Collaborating with our amazing care partners ensures a holistic caregiving experience, supporting every need.  

Amidst the challenges and complexities that Clients face, they also may not have a voice in their situation or fully grasp the available resources to help them navigate through it. This is where our team steps up as advocates, bridging the gap between our Clients and the support they need. 

Sarah, a dedicated team member, shares a powerful testimony about making a significant difference in a Client’s life. Our team’s inspiration and dedication come from the belief in the value and dignity of every life they touch. 

In the vast landscape of in-home care, the role of support staff is often overlooked, but their dedication and advocacy are invaluable. Sarah’s story is a shining example of the unwavering commitment of our staff to ensure the safety and well-being of our Clients. Let us take a moment to celebrate those who work tirelessly behind the scenes, bringing hope and positive change to the lives they touch. Their support is a powerful reminder that true caregiving extends far beyond physical tasks—it embraces the spirit of empathy, resilience, and love for humanity. 

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